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Journal of The Iranian Chemical Society

Journal of The Iranian Chemical Society – JICS is an international journal covering general fields of chemistry. JICS welcomes high quality original papers in English dealing with experimental, theoretical and applied research related to all branches of chemistry. These include the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry as well as the chemical biology area. Review articles discussing specific areas of chemistry of current chemical or biological importance are also published.

JICS ensures visibility of your research results to a worldwide audience in science. You are kindly invited to submit your manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief or Regional Editor. All contributions in the form of original papers or short communications will be peer reviewed and published free of charge after acceptance.

How to identify potential journal for publication ?

How to identify potential journal for publication ?

Choosing a suitableĀ journal is step one for the research publication. But the selecting the potential journal is another crucial step for researchers to get published. In the present era of research they are several fusion areas and borderline research. Such manuscripts may for fall in one particular or all the concerned areas for publication. Choosing a sector for publication can be done at large with respect to titles and standards. But identifying if the journal is a potential pick what gets a proper conclusion. Identifying a possible series of journal or book is what exactly decides among which flock the author’s research falls in. That also decides the acceptance possibilities of the manuscript.

Choosing a journal for publication with potential key factors needs a deeper study about the journal, the performance, the reach of the journal, the platform of open or closed access, the publisher of the journal, and many more. This is the stage where the author should expect for the publishing company and the credibility of the publication. The indexing’s of the article in various programs. Understand the review process if its peer review or committee review? Recognize about the evaluation and ranking of the diary and the ranking of the clauses. Read about the IPP and SNIP with a few other elements that decide the journal rank. The h-index and I-index ranking of the journal are more helpful in arriving at the determination. The writer should also look for manuscript acceptance rate of the journal. They are journals that seem to show stipulated acceptance rate but that is just one of the promotional con. The rate of acceptance and the rate of the journal can be known also by checking couple of articles that fall in the same research field. The author needs to check for manuscripts of other authors who have previously published in this journal and check the standards of those authors to understand what kind of research and what level of researchers are published under this publishing company.